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Author(-s) Ladyzhets N.S.
Abstract The article identifies the types of interaction between education and society, and also shows how global challenges to modern higher education have destroyed these typological distinctions. The main problems of reflexive study, deconstruction and reconceptualization of social theories are connected with the redefinition of modernity. Global challenges and problems are no longer solved from the standpoint of the interests of individual national states and even their associations. The risk society turns out to be oriented toward the construction of an uncertain future. The processes of production and accumulation of risks are stratified and lead to an even greater inequality of society. The social is increasingly subject to reflexivity. According to A. Giddens, it is reflexive modernization that allows to manage risks and uncertainty by rebuilding strategies, expert systems, certified social structures and institutions. And here an essential role is assigned to universities that generate and develop a culture of reflexive analysis, rethinking and action. The result is a situation of double hermeneutics - double understanding. This means that actors or institutions that have their own goals and rationale for their activities can become familiar with the understanding of these processes by experts or researchers and adjust their own positions and actions. The article gives examples of actualization of such practices in the system of global higher education, emphasizes the main challenges to modern European higher education and the tasks of European university management. Also, the term "glocalization" and the corresponding concept of F. Patel, which are regarded as coming to replace the "internationalization" vs "localization", are analyzed. Promotion of the idea of glocalization is directed to the formation in the real world of perspective thinking about the possibilities of uniting global and local communities, access to socially responsible promising intercultural communications and orientation to the principles of openness, justice, diversity, inclusiveness and sustainability.
Keywords universities, global challenges, higher education, society, modern social theories, reflexion, reflexive modernization, construction of the future, risk management, glocalization, perspective thinking
UDC 316.42
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