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Author(-s) Danks Catherine
Abstract An examination of how in the 1970s, the city twinning (partnership) between Manchester and Leningrad was used as a vehicle to raise issues about the treatment of soviet Jewry. The 1962 Twinning Agreement committed Manchester and Leningrad to the development of friendship and understanding. Until the 1970s this municipal diplomacy or internationalism was conducted through the exchange of civic and cultural delegations and was largely uncontentious. In the 1970s the Manchester Council for Soviet Jewry and the Women’s Campaign for Soviet Jewry, the Manchester 35-s, staged various attention grabbing stunts including protests at performances by the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra and the Kirov Ballet. They also used the twinning relationship to arrange meetings with visiting Leningrad officials and asked Manchester councillor when in Leningrad to raise their concerns. An examination of how in the 1970s, the city twinning (partnership) between Manchester and Leningrad was used as a vehicle to raise issues about the treatment of soviet Jewry.
Keywords City Partnership, Town Twinning, Friendship Agreement, Manchester, Leningrad, 35 Group, Manchester Council for Soviet Jewry, Kirov Ballet, Leningrad Philharmonic
UDC 327.7
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