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Author(-s) Malfliet Katlijn
Abstract The changing relations between “Europe” and Russia remind us of a Greek drama. In particular the way in which the rules of their bilateral relations developed since the implosion of the Soviet Union (at the end of 1991) , leaves us with the sad feeling of an unavoidable tragedy. At the beginning of their new-born relationship, both partners were fulfilled with hope and curiosity. Nobody could foresee how the story would develop. In the middle of the play, several “changings of the plot” drove the story to an unexpected end. The article provides an analysis of how the enlargement of NATO and the EU has negatively affected the relations between Russia and Europe. The study pays special attention to Russia's role in creation of the Eurasian Economic Union. It also demonstrates how the establishment of this union has brought fresh perspective to the relations between the EU and Russia.
Keywords International Relations, European Studies, Rule of Law, European Enlargement, Eastern Partnership, Russian Constitutional Court, Sanctions
UDC 327.8
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