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Author(-s) Vasilyev A.F.
Abstract The paper reviews R. Nisbett and D. Cohen’s works on the culture of honor hypothesis culminating in their monograph, Culture of Honor: The Psychology of Violence in the South, which is little known in Russia. A brief analysis of critical reception of this body of research is also offered. The book is considered a standard, if not a classic study of the complex phenomenon of honor utilizing a whole array of methods from several social and behavioral sciences. The authors of the book showed that the culture of honor exists not only in Mediterranean or tribal societies, but in a major region of the modern USA, and that it is connected to heightened levels of violence, since honor makes it more legitimate in many common circumstances. Culture of honor came to be accepted as one of the main factors behind the violence in the US South as well as in other regions of the world. However, the authors’ explanation of culture of honor development and persistence, in some critics’ opinion, is much weaker argued and still needs to be corroborated.
Keywords Honor, culture of honor, R. Nisbett, D. Cohen, violence, sociology of culture, cultural explanations in social theory
UDC 316.7
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