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Author(-s) Kardinskaya S.V.
Abstract The article presents the results of studying the advertising messages on Russian television. According to the telemetry device «Mediascope», television is currently the most significant medium in Russia. TV commercials advertising Russian brands are analyzed. These brands are included in the top 10 of 2016. The goal is to identify the value context of an advertising message. The author considers an advertising message as an ornamental configuration, revealing, in particular, the mechanisms for constructing Russian identity in the advertising discourse. Advertising communication is becoming a modern way of "outlining the contour" (ornament) of the community. According to N. Luhmann, advertising "is similar to the art of ornamentation”. Drawing an ornament suggests that a thing is somehow embedded in the world. It occupies a certain place in it, touches other things by its borders. Communicativeness of a thing implies its going beyond usual inscription into the world, determining its correlation with itself and with all other things of the world. In the process of communication, a thing is revealed as a place of existence of the world in the form of a structured space. Communication, drawing the outline of a thing, determines it. But, "cutting out" the thing from the solid massif of the world, it reveals the place of the "cut" as a boundary of contact of many things and shows the world as structured one, consisting of elements and connections. This study uses the methodology of D. Matison that implies intertextual analysis. The latter helps to detect significant fragments of the commercial and clarifies their sociocultural foundations, as well as ways to include advertising messages into the discourse of our time.
Keywords discourse, values, intertextual analysis, advertising, Russian television, brands
UDC 323.1(045):101.1
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