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Instructions for Authors

Author Guidelines

General requirements for the articles published in “Bulletin of Udmurt University. Sociology. Political Science. International Relations”

  • Articles submitted for publication in the journal should correspond to the rubrics of the journal: Sociology, Political Science, International Relations.
  • Articles should represent an independent scientific research with the contribution of the author to the development of the issue selected for the scientific research.
  • Materials should be relevant and contain elements of scientific and informative novelty.
  • Texts should be original, with direct and indirect references to quoted sources. To ensure the quality of publications and its compliance with the copyright policies, all incoming articles are subject to verification through the “Antiplagiat” system.
  • Texts must comply with all technical requirements of the journal.
  • In case of full compliance, the proposed article is considered by the members of the editorial collegium, and, if necessary, can be sent for expert evaluation to the members of the editorial board that are responsible for a specific rubric. The decision on approval for publishing is made by the editorial collegium and with the consideration of the recommendations from experts and the publication plans of the journal.
  • The editors reserve the right to reduce the volume of articles and to edit it in accordance with the requirements of the scientific journal.
  • Upon the approval of the editorial collegium, the rubric “Scientific reviews, events, information”, located at the end of the journal, may include informative, analytical and other academic materials of the sociological and political profile, with a volume from 0,1 page.
  • The approximate dates for the admissions of articles to the journal “Bulletin of Udmurt University. Sociology. Political Science. International Relations”:
    • № 1 (January-March) – before January 1, publication – in April;
    • № 2 (April-June) – before April 1, publication in July;
    • № 3 (July-September) – before July 1, publication in October;
    • № 4 (October-December) – before October 1, publication in January.
  • Publications of the articles are carried out in a paper version and an electronic version of the journal “Bulletin of Udmurt University. Sociology. Political Science. International Relations” on the portal of Udmurt State University.
  • The journal publishes articles in Russian and English.
  • Received texts are not subject to further editing by the author except when changes are requested by the members of the editorial collegium.
  • Articles from the authors – doctors, candidates of science, graduate students – with the recommendations of scientific advisors and undergraduates in co-authorship with scientific leaders are accepted free of charge. No allowances are provided to the authors.
  • When reprinting, a link to the journal is required. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors.
  • Authors may subsequently publish their articles or its fragments in other printed and electronic publications, with a mandatory reference to the first publication in this journal.

Technical requirements for the submitted articles:

  • The following materials are provided to the editorial office in electronic form: file with the text of the article prepared in accordance with the requirements, file with information about the author, endorsement letter confirming the first publication of the text. If necessary - additional files, such as drawings, diagrams, graphs in black and white with high resolution.
  • All materials submitted to the Editorial Collegium should contain:

1. The title of the article in Russian and English.

2. Information about the authors in Russian and English languages: surname, first name, middle name, academic degree, academic title, full name of the scientific or educational institution and its structural subdivision, city, country, contact phone number and e-mail address of the author. Transliteration of the name should correspond to previous publications of the author to ensure the accuracy of the records.

3. Annotations in Russian and English – at least 200–250 words each.

4. Keywords – 6-8 words or phrases in Russian and English.

5. The main text. Articles with a volume from 20 thousand characters to 53 thousand characters. The number of characters is indicated along with spaces and symbols.

6. References are placed at the end of the article. The recommended number of quoted Russian or foreign-language works is between 10 and 30. In Russian-language articles, the desired number of links to foreign publications is at least 3.

7. The list of references is placed after the main text of the article, and is structured out as follows:

7.1. Bibliography in Russian alphabetical order without numbering. This list has a subtitle “Bibliography”.

7.2. The second list has a subtitle “References”. It includes transliteration using the BSI system. When transliteration is being conducted, it is allowed to use a text transliteration program, for example, translit.net, to translate a list of literature from Russian into English. It also includes a list of literature in foreign languages. Transliteration of Russian articles and a list of works in foreign languages are introduced in the general list and sorted by the Latin alphabet.

8. The pages of the article should be numbered. The first page must be signed by the author.

Copyright and responsibility

1. The authors only provide articles that previously were not published either in printed or electronic form.

2. The authors have the right to pre-post the texts of articles in personal blogs and on pages of open access sites - for constructive discussion, improving the quality of future publication and increasing the links – The Effect of Open Access.

3. The authors retain the copyrights for their work and provide the journal editors with the right to publish the article first, with the possibilities of its subsequent distribution, with the obligatory preservation of references to the original publication in this journal.

4. The authors are responsible for the originality of the texts provided. All submissions are subject to the verification through the Anti-Plagiarism system.

5. The materials published may not reflect the point of view of the founder of the journal, the editorial collegium and the editorial board, but they should not contradict with the laws of the Russian Federation.


All data about the authors, published in the paper and electronic versions of the journal are provided directly by the authors. Phone numbers listed in the file “Information about the author” can only be used to communicate with the authors in the process of working on an article.

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